Registrations Commence July/ August

Registrations are available for the 2021-22 Summer Junior and Ladies Competition.

Teams can start registering from Monday 19th of July!   (for Individual Registrations see below Team Registrations)


  1. If you are the organiser. Click onto the link below. It will take you to the Sportfixi page where you will click the button that says REGISTER NEW TEAM. You will enter your details and be given a code by Fixi which you can share with other team members.
  2.  Organiser to text 0416 673 822 with details of team name, night, age group, organiser’s name.
  3. Organiser will receive a reply message with details what to do next in regards to shirt sizes and quantities and how to pay for shirts and registration.


  1. Organiser will pass on the code for the team that you will be playing in. By using the  JOIN TEAM button in Sportsfixi, you will be directed to the page where you will enter the code that your organisr has provided you with and your personal details


All payments to be made to the following account BSB: 032278 Account: 473095.

Players to redeem their own Active Kids Voucher via the Sport Fixi Site when you register with your team’s Sport Fixi Code.


Registration includes a playing reversible playing singlet. The singlets must be worn when playing in the competition.